Codemods with jscodeshift

Refactor like a boss, but why should I care? All code continuously needs to be refactored and maintained. This is the truth especially within the javascript world where new things happen every week. If its not a new design pattern its a new version of a tool, a third-party library or even the language itself. […]

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Best hamburgers in Stockholm

We live and work in Stockholm, Sweden. We are software developers. We love hamburgers. We love it so much we decided to try and find the best lunch hamburger in town. We have a pretty simple criteria for which hamburgers to try and we have an even simpler way to rank the hamburgers? So, if you’re ever in Stockholm and in the […]

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Scratching the surface of Swift

When Apple revealed Swift in June at the WWDC I wasn’t totally surprised, it felt like it wasn’t possible in the long run to continue with Objective-C. But mostly I was and happy! I was so sick and tired of Objective-C and I really got a reborn interest in building apps for iOS again. Also, the […]

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